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“Do you have a rewards card?” asked the young lady at the Staples cash register.I searched for a card and then gave up. I blurted out a telephone number. At least she didn’t make me type it into the keypad or give a passcode that I would not [...]
Sat, Oct 01, 2016
Book Marketing Buzz Blog
According to CNN, the “iconic talking bear from the late 80s, is back — and he’s flaunting some timely upgrades.” Timely upgrades, in this case, means LCD eyes that flash forty expressions, including turning into stars or hearts. C-Net calls them Emoji Eyes. The new version won’t be available for close to a [...]
Sat, Oct 01, 2016
Vickey Kall
Tony Robbins
Ever heard of Tony Robbins, the speaker, motivator, and entrepreneur? Listen in as he describes what makes him successful: My primary question is just, “How can I help?” When you’re doing that on an ongoing basis, that builds a relationship, because you’re not asking for things. You’re giving all the time. That’s [...]
Sat, Oct 01, 2016
John Kremer
The #1 WordPress Bookstore Plugin is about to get even better. What is MyBookTable? If you are not familiar with MyBookTable the above video should get you up to speed. In short, MyBookTable is the easiest way to add your book to your website and sell it through online retailers like Amazon and [...]
Mon, Aug 29, 2016
Author Media
Niche Marketing
Want to know the REAL secret for getting attention online? Read on… Here in Middle Earth, right through the long, hot summer, we hold classical concerts in our local park, with a 100 piece orchestra and choirs. At least 200,000 people roll up, and the show always ends explosively with the ‘1812 [...]
Thu, Jun 02, 2016
Jonathan Gunson