The Top 6 Reasons Why NOW is the Best Time EVER To Write a Memoir

Jan 15, 2014 by

book family color1Ten years ago I was approached to write a family memoir. When all was said and done, the family would have had to shell out about fifteen grand to publish a book that had a potential audience of less than twenty. I advised them against it.

A lot has changed in ten years. If I were to see those same people today I would tell them, “Do it now!”

The Top 6 Reasons to Write and Publish Your Family Memoir NOW

icon_book_altPrinting costs. Today when you publish book on-demand, you can quite literally print one copy at a time. I often use, and advise clients to use, CreateSpace. In some cases, we don’t print any books, except for proof copies and personal appearances. CreateSpace has no setup costs. If you can do the setup yourself, or hire those services done, you will have very little out of pocket costs.

icon_book_altNo marketing costs. It’s a family memoir. Your audience is your family and friends, and they are already probably on speed dial or in your “contacts” list.

icon_book_altUnlimited and incredibly inexpensive NEW EDITIONS. I really like this. Obviously a family continues to add to experiences over time. It stands to reason that new additions to the family will only be more computer savvy. With a little help and understanding of the process, families can add chapters to the family story endlessly! Every year brings interesting – on often memorable –  experiences in every family. Future generations will be able to add their chapters to the family memoir, and they’ll be able to do it as easily as copying, pasting, saving and uploading to Amazon or an on-demand printer.

icon_book_altMulti-media capabilities. If those reasons are not enough to get you off the dime, consider that even a couple of years ago Kindle didn’t support multimedia, which means it didn’t support audio or video files. Kindle has caught up with the iPad and now supports multimedia files. So if you want to interview a family member or capture a special moment in video, all those moments can be recorded and included in your eBook! Five years ago, eBooks were not ubiquitous. Today, when you make your book available as an eBook everyone in the family will be able to enjoy it.

icon_book_altHelp at a reasonable price. With the popularity of independent book publishing, the marketplace of editors, illustrators, and book designers has exploded and prices have become much more competitive. Also, using organizations like IBMG (Independent Book Marketing Group), people who know nothing about the publishing business can find quality services and advice without getting taken to the cleaners. The more you know, the more you can save. Some families pool their skill sets by recruiting family members who are writers, editors, and illustrators.

icon_book_alt“Memorable Moments” eBooks. This is an incredible new, and easily understood concept. All family members get the same assignment: Describe the 5 Most Memorable Moments of Your Life. (Obviously, it could be 2, 3, or a dozen; it doesn’t matter.) Family members can use word files, image files, audio files, video files or a combination of all of them. Some memorable moment examples are the birth of a long-awaited child, getting married, graduating from college, the last night with a parent, your best vacation, the death of a friend… Each family can determine the criteria for what constitutes a “memorable moment” along with any other stipulations. It can be a fun project in which everyone participates. You may find that you’re surprised by what others contribute. The stories may make you laugh or cry, or merely understand that person better than you thought you did. The best part is that the book has no ending. Every year family members can contribute to the eBook. Some years everyone will contribute, some years there’s nothing memorable to record. Remember the question, “What’s the one book you’d take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?” This may very well be that book.

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