ibmg market eggplantIBMG consists of a growing number of authors and marketing professionals dedicated to helping authors sell more books. The idea grew out of our desire to learn more about how to sell our books, as quickly as we could, from the best teachers. One way to accomplish this was to create a website where some of the best book marketing blogs in the world updated 24/7/365.

IBMG members include writers, editors, illustrators, and book designers who are dedicated to making money from their artistic endeavors. Besides books, group members promote and sell consulting services, production services, digital products, even iPad and Android apps, as individuals and, sometimes, in partnership with other group members.

We occasionally pool resources to take advantage of opportunities, e.g., book signings, events, and webinars. We share our research and experiences with eBook conversion, print-on-demand, illustrators, book designers, editors, software and other aspects of independent publishing.

ibmg publish turqPerhaps our best and most concrete benefit is the discipline of being an active participant in a serious writers group. It is common for members to complete tasks in a timely manner simply because of a meeting deadline.

Writing is a solitary, sometimes even lonely, activity. It can be invigorating to commiserate with other writers, to focus another set of eyes and ears on a developing project, or to spitball about how to sell more books, or simply to exchange ideas about the business aspects of publishing.

Whereas writing usually involves one person, publishing and marketing a book involves many. Sharing resources and networking with group members are valuable IBMG benefits.

The publishing world has changed dramatically and rapidly. Every day we encounter new ideas, new people, new resources, new computer software, new social media programs, and new rules. Since most writers are not full-time authors, most need – and appreciate – help from like-minded souls.

Since its inception in September of 2012, IBMG has attracted talented, responsible, and motivated people willing to share, with the understanding that others in the group will do the same.

If you are such a person, and if you’re serious about writing, you’re welcome to join us.

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